In 2011, Bigg Whale LLC was founded to united data analytics and investment expertise, giving birth to superior closed-end fund research.

Through our proprietary calculations, we detect the best risk vs. reward opportunities available to maximize total return potential.

We are passionate about the opportunities closed-end funds offer, as well as their underrated effectiveness as a macroeconomic indication tool.

Bigg Whale strives to provide research that will assist investment professionals in creating income-based distribution models for their clients.

Cash flow is possible with the right income strategy. Get your actionable investment ideas today.
What Does A Distribution Model Really Mean?
My mom is from a family of farmers in the heartland of American, a small town called Seneca, Kansas. Those farms were continuously passed down from generation to generation, rarely being sold to someone outside the family. When you own a farm, you make your money off of cash flow the crops can produce.
No successful farmer cares about the day-to-day market price of the farm. They care about the crop-yield and cash flow.
We’ve made a mistake in the investment industry by only talking about the “price of the farm”, or in our case, the day-to-day account balance. To better serve clients, especially those relying on investment income, we need to focus on the cash flow we can produce on a consistent monthly and quarterly basis.

Has a client ever taken an account statement to the store and been able to buy groceries with it? I’m guessing the answer is no. We like to remind clients, there is only one thing people can use for spending, and that is cash.

At Bigg Whale we focus on distribution models. We analyze risk-reward opportunities and recommend the best seeds to plant and suggest when to harvest. Cash flow is possible with the right income model.

Susan Horowitz
Partner & Managing Director
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Cash flow is possible with the right income strategy.